Integrity Modern is my work philosophy. It applies to design and writing - and probably a lot of other things, but those are my passions.

Whether writing or remodeling, I follow the Integrity Modern philosophy: Respect the integrity of the original.

What does that mean? It means that while we may appreciate what life offers in the 21st century - connectivity, communication, convenience - we don't need to tear down everything from the past to enjoy the present.

I have an affinity for what I call not-so-historical fiction - stories that take place in the 20th century, and in particular in the middle part of that century - because the social fabric of that time so eloquently informs our choices and opportunities today.

In the same way, I love how the foundations of midcentury design - clean lines, color, use of natural elements and light - have become popular again. Great design is timeless; what was once considered dated has given rise to a more sophisticated pattern for the future.

So - does this mean I yearn for life in the 1950s and 1960s? Not at all! We've made social progress in so many areas - and it's my sincere hope that we find ways to continue that social progress. Additionally, I love how technology is helping us create a global community. I don't want to go back to those midcentury times - but I sure wouldn't mind a tail-fined, chrome-everywhere convertible parked in my driveway! A girl can dream...