In over 30 years of writing fiction, critiquing, and working with other authors, I've developed a strong sense of why some narratives hit the mark while others need further revision.

Like many authors, I partnered with a consulting editor for both of my novels, and both times the experience was instrumental in landing a book contract. Nothing compares to having a fresh, professional eye on your manuscript.

What does a consulting editor do? In a nutshell, a consulting editor provides a high-level review of your manuscript, pointing out key areas for improvement.

When is the right time for a manuscript consultation? When you've done one or more of the following:

  • Workshopped the manuscript with an instructor and other writers
  • Incorporated feedback from beta readers
  • Revised and polished your manuscript
  • Begun researching / planning an agent or publisher search

Client Scott Andrew says: "Cynthia's editorial eye is brilliant. Her vision as to my audience has been hugely helpful. At Muse & the Marketplace, the response to my pitch was universally received with enthusiasm. I now have several agents interested in reading my book."  

If you'd like to discuss how I can help with your novel, please contact me.

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