The Bookseller is a terrific read for book groups of all kinds. Groups enjoy discussing the "what if?" aspect of the book - and speculating about the "what if's?" in their own lives. For a reading group guide to The Bookseller, click here.

If your group plans to read The Glass Forest, a reading group guide is forthcoming. Stay tuned!

For both of my novels, groups will find rich discussion material about the social climate of the 1960s, and how that relates to our contemporary lives.

To view a list of some of my favorite book club reads, click here.

If you're in the Denver area and you'd like to request an in-person meeting with your book club, please contact me. At least two months' notice is appreciated for in-person meetings.

If you're in another area, I'm happy to Skype with your book club, if we can arrange a time. Please contact me.